Buddy Hield Kids: Riner and River Hield, Wife And Family

Buddy Hield is a proud father to two kids, with his daughter Riner Hield born in 2017 and his son Riner Hield born in 2022.

Chavano Rainer “Buddy” Hield, the Bahamian basketball sensation, now makes his mark with the Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA after a trade in February 2024.

Earning $19.2 million this season in the final year, Hield began with the Oklahoma Sooners, claiming consecutive Big 12 Conference Men’s Basketball Player of the Year titles in 2015 and 2016.

His stellar 2016 season saw him scoop four major National Player of the Year awards.

From being the sixth overall pick in the 2016 NBA draft to his recent stint with the 76ers, Hield’s dynamic career captivates basketball enthusiasts.

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Who Are Buddy Hield Kids?

The player takes joy in his role as a parent to his son, River Hield, and his daughter, Rainer Hield, both born to his girlfriend, Remi Martini.

Buddy Hield Daughter: Riner Hield

Buddy and his girlfriend, Remi Martinii, welcomed their daughter on November 8, 2017, Reiner Cali Hield, who turned six in 2024.

He often treats his followers through the platform to heartwarming glimpses of his relationship with his daughter.

Buddy Hield Daughter
Hield’s Instagram showcases his sweet bond with his daughter Reiner. (Photo: Instagram)

In a particularly touching post, he shared a picture captioned “My Little Flintstone #YabbaDabbaDoo!” providing a delightful snapshot of the affectionate bond between Buddy and his beloved daughter, Riner.

Public admiration for this endearing father-daughter connection showcases the accomplished NBA player’s softer and cherished side.

Buddy Hield Son: River Hield

Buddy Hield’s son, River, entered the world in March 2022, becoming a radiant addition to the Hield family.

Remi delightedly disclosed her second pregnancy on August 1, 2021, accompanied by a beautiful baby bump photo.

The anticipation culminated in a heartwarming baby shower in November 2021, showcased through captivating pictures on her Instagram.

Buddy Hield Son
Hield’s son, River, brings joy and unity to their family. (Photo: Instagram)

In 2024, River Hield will be approaching his second birthday, radiating joy and completeness within the Hield family.

Buddy Hield Wife: Is He Married in 2024?

As of 2024, Buddy remains unmarried but is in a committed, long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Remi Martinii.

Despite the couple keeping the early years of their relationship private, Remi, a fitness enthusiast and law school graduate, has become a prominent figure on social media.

Remi is an influencer, model, and content creator with an Instagram handle (@remimartinii), boasting 18.7k followers and 532 posts.

She started her career in the Bahamas and holds a Law degree from the University of Westminster, London.

Remi is recognized for her dedication to fitness, love for food, and her YouTube channel, where she shares vlogs and tutorials.

Buddy Hield Wife
Buddy and Remi maintain a private yet flourishing relationship. (Photo: Instagram)

She joined YouTube in February 2016 and posted her last video in November 2019, she continues to captivate audiences with her modeling and social media presence.

In an interview, Remi shared that her introduction to modeling came from Bahamian photographer and CEO of ICANDY Studios, Christine Demeritt.

While Remi studied law, her modeling career gained global success, and she continues to balance her professional journey with motherhood.

Although she expressed the possibility of practicing law later in her career, Remi is content and thriving in her current path.

Buddy Hield Parents: Vincent Hield And Jackie Swann

Buddy Hield’s was born to his parents, Vincent Hield and Jackie Swann.

Jackie Swann, in particular, played a pivotal role in Buddy’s life as a single mother raising him and his six siblings after separating from her husband when Buddy was just 11 years old.

In the face of the challenges of being a single parent, Jackie took on various roles, from cleaning houses to working as a caterer in weddings and engaging in sales jobs, all in an unwavering effort to provide for her family.

Buddy Hield Parents
Buddy’s upbringing reflects the resilience and dedication of his parents. (Photo: Twitter)

The divorce marked a significant turning point in the player’s life, shaping his appreciation for the sacrifices and dedication of his mother.

In acknowledging his mother’s efforts, Buddy has expressed gratitude, recognizing her as a mother and father figure.

Buddy Hield Is A Mama’s Boy

The NBA athlete Buddy Hield shares a remarkably close and affectionate bond with his mother, Jackie Swann.

Their unique and heartwarming relationship gained attention when, in January 2016, Jackie moved from their home in the Bahamas to live with Hield in his college bedroom in Oklahoma.

This decision was driven by the desire to support her son in navigating life’s challenges as a Division 1 basketball player.

Buddy Hield Mom
Buddy Hield and his mother share a close, supportive bond. (Photo: The Oklahoman)

According to the Houston Chronicle, Hield openly expressed how his mother’s presence helps him relax and stay focused amid the pressures of his athletic career.

The unconventional aspect of their relationship is reflected in their sleeping arrangements. Hield told reporters, “My mom sleeps in my bed. Sometimes I sleep with her, and sometimes I don’t. I sleep on the couch or the floor.”

Hield’s openness about his close connection with his mother extends beyond their living situation.

Buddy Hield Siblings

Hield hails from a family of seven siblings, including three brothers and three sisters.

Despite facing significant financial challenges, their mother, Jackie Swann, raised them with values that steered them away from negative influences and habits.

The family lived in their maternal grandmother’s house in Eight Mile Rock, where Jackie worked three jobs to support her large family.

The tight living conditions were a testament to their resilience, with Jackie, Hield, and his six siblings sharing a mattress, often sleeping head-to-toe, and sometimes one of them on the floor.

Each sibling had their designated section of the room for storing clothes and personal belongings.

Buddy Hield Siblings
A baby picture of Buddy, alongside his brother, Curvin. (Photo: Bleacher Report)

In the face of financial challenges, the Hield family maintained a strong bond, engaging in morning prayers and sporadic Bible studies before starting their day.

Prioritizing chores and homework over television reflected the family’s commitment to values and discipline.

Buddy Hield Family Ethnicity

The talented NBA player hails from the Bahamas and identifies as a Bahamian national of African ethnicity.

Growing up in Eight Mile Rock, a coastal region west of Freeport in the West Grand Bahama district, Buddy has deep roots in the vibrant culture of his homeland.

His journey in basketball began to gain attention during high school when The All Bahamian Brand, a notable basketball magazine from the Bahamas, featured him.

Buddy Hield Family Ethnicity
Buddy Hield, a Bahamian of African descent, shines in basketball. (Photo Source: Instagram)

Even as an eighth-grader, Hield garnered recognition, being rated as the best in his grade by the magazine, establishing him as a rising star to watch in the Bahamian basketball scene.

Hield’s ethnicity and nationality reflect the rich diversity and talent that the Bahamas contributes to the world of sports.

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